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Computer Gaming

with instant games for play from home

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with new portfolio of 100+ first class games is the leading cyber casino developer and provider. Why buy a single machine housing one game that costs thousands of dollars, where you can have several terminals offering over 120 different casino style games, at a fraction of the price?

No setup fee, no hidden cost, we guarantee profit per shop.


Computer gaming

Casino software that fits all land-based requirements. Doesn’t matter if you are operating netcafe casino or slot hall. With our solution you can install the software to any type of device – all for free.

Attracting players

It’s easier to attract (more) players if you have tools for that – Starting with new games adding monthly or stunning community jackpots.

Mobile casino

Most of your customers have already smart phone or tablet or both. Why not to offer them gambling from home? Android version installations are for free as well.

Recently added casino games

Savannah King

Book Of Spells

Leprechaun’s Treasure

Savannah king – slot game

The savannah is perfect place for lions and all the creatures with bonuses and free spins

Book of spells

The secret world of witches and magic. Super free spin with high volatility will keep the players in the game

Leprechaun’s treasure

Ireland’s most famous fairy tail became one of the most recognized gambling theme in the world

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Video Pokers

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