Many ecommerce operators are integrating promotional casino games into their platforms in order to offer users more fun and excitement.  Ecommerce (or electronic commerce) is a system where a user creates an account and tops up his account with money and uses it later on for transferring money or paying for goods or services. Ecommerce is basically an online webpage that could be run on terminals in physical shops. (photo). The most widely used feature is reloading money on prepaid cards from mobile operators and paying for basic services such as electric and gas bills in households.

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ecommerce-promotional-gaming-kioskPromotional gaming is not considered gambling, due to the fact that in theory, there are no “winnings”, and the games are there just as a side diversion for people who are using the main product, which is to pay for basic services.  Therefore this operation is legal in most countries around the world and no gambling license is necessary.

Ecommerce systems are very common and many of them are free, running under GPL licenses. The only thing the operator has to do is integrate it with local products and do the integration of the promotional casino games into the particular ecommerce system.

There are hundreds of products and services that could be integrated into the ecommerce system. Besides paying invoices for mobile operators and reloading prepaid cards, paying for electricity and gas bills the user could be interested to pay any another recurring bills, such as for internet, water or tickets for different venues, events or concerts. Some ecommerce systems also sell flight tickets, hotels or rent-a-car services.


Vouchers & cashcards

scratch-cardAnother option on how to transfer the credits directly to the casino is via vouchers or cashcards. The agent or shop owner of a betshop can create in the casino backoffice a certain amount of accounts with specific amount of credits on each of them. Each account has a unique numeric code.

The operator can then print vouchers with a scratch part, under which will be the unique number, and start selling not just in the betting shop but anywhere with his resellers.

Player who bought the card will scratch the hidden part and use the number inside the casino in order to top up his account. Sometimes the cards are non-branded and sometimes there may be a name of the site and instructions how to use it. Some operators use aggressive campaigns with bonuses in order to attract more players.