How much does the system cost?

The system is basically free. You will get access to the casino admin site (backoffice) to manage your network, and also receive the installation package for clients, that you can install as many times as you want. We will just take a fixed percentage from the money you earn.

What kind of Operating System (OS) do you support?

The downloadable client is running on Windows only; however the web based version requires only Flash so you can run the system on any system that supports Flash. The back office is a website and so it is accessible from any OS/device – e.g. you can manage your casino business from your mobile.

What about mobile/table solution?

You will get also installation package for Android mobiles and tablets

Can I install the software to real slot machines?

Yes, you can. The only requirement is Windows based OS. The application supports bill acceptor, printer, touchscreen, buttons etc. Simple as it is, just install and start using your machines with new games

Can I use the system in 3rd party solutions, eg. Use the games in my existing web site?

Yes, we do have our own API, very easy for full integration (seamless or basic wallet).

When I can start, what do I need to start?

If you are already an owner of an internet café or a slot hall, you just need to install the application, which is a super simple 3 click installation, a quick training for the backoffice and you are ready to go

What can I do with the backoffice (casino admin site)?

You can manage (create, edit) the whole casino network that belongs to you – starting with your subagents and cafes (casino shops), cashiers and players and then you can transfer the credits between these entities. Last but not least is the ability to control and check statistics, system performance and reports.

Which games will be available when I start?

Your players will get access to all the games we are currently offering. Slot games, video poker games, keno and bingo games, casino table games including roulettes, blackjack, 3card poker and e.g. texas hold’em bonus poker. Every time we release a new game, players will get it immediately, as the system will download it automatically.

Which languages and currencies does the casino support?

The casino has currently more than 10 languages (including English, German, Spanish, …) and supports all currencies with appropriate min/max betting limits.