casino-api-seamless-walletAPI means Application Programming Interface. It’s a set of procedures and functions that allow you to integrate casino games into your platform, regardless if you are the owner of a sportsbook webpage, online casino, an ecommerce or social oriented webpage or any another system – e.g. gambling kiosks or casino terminals.

You can add 120+ slot games, roulettes, video pokers and casino games with just one single integration. All new games will be added automatically as well as all upgrades.

Types of casino integrations

There are two basic terms used by the casino integration – basic wallet and seamless wallet. Both are related to the way of how the credits are handled within the system.

Basic wallet

– the user first transfers a certain amount of credits to the lobby or particular game. The credits are deducted from the main account in the hosted system. Once the player closes or exits the game the host system is notified about the remaining credits and the remaining credits are transferred back to the main account. The advantage of this method is that all games are played on our servers, and your servers are not overloaded with requests and responses. A con may be the player’s comfort, since he/she has to transfer credits from the main account each time he/she wants to start playing the games and/or reload credits.

Seamless wallet

– the player simply starts the game and the credits are deducted per each spin and added back to main account in your system after each win. This makes the integration completely transparent for the player, however it needs much resources on your server side as there is communication before and after each game between your server and gambling server.

Use our lobby or create your own

Our casino integration allows you a simple integration of the existing non-branded lobby with all available games directly to your system or you can add just icons or buttons anywhere you need and start just the particular game the player wants.

Casino Languages and Currencies

We have ready all major languages translations (10+) and there is 30+ currencies ready to go including e.g. South African Rands or Nigerian Naira .

Guaranteed Profit

The best part comes at the end. You can divide your players into groups and pass us the unique ID of the group. Our game servers will keep tracking the profit of each group and will guarantee the profit per each entity. It doesn’t matter if your operation is big or small. We understand how important is to keep the business partners happy. And the most important thing is to keep the profit for each B2B customer, affiliate or agent, which sometimes with games of chance may not be so easy.

Casino E-commerce system

With an open API, our software can be easily integrated into practically anything you want. Do you want customers to withdraw cash, pay their bills, and top up in the casino? Offer them the chance to do it all in one place.


Our e-commerce solution is simply the fastest and most efficient way to keep your customers in just one place – your place.