allin1-computer-gaming2We have been asked several times about the minimum requirements for the cybercafé casino software and betting shops.

They are two basic questions:

What kind of computer do I need for the casino software to run smoothly?

The casino client is running on most computers with OS Windows including Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or Win 8. It doesn’t require any powerful hardware, we recommend any Intel Dual Pro or higher processor (please do not use Intel Atom processors as they were designed for netbooks and don’t have enough power to animate the spinning reels), 1 GB RAM and 1 GB HDD. That’s it, simple as it gets.

The installation process is also very easy –just a 3 click installation, or if you want you can just copy the particular folder with casino files from one terminal to another via a USB stick in order to prepare your betshop faster.

For the best user experience, we do recommend furnishing the shop with touchscreens. This will make the shop look amazing, at very little cost to you as an operator. Our software is completely compatible with these touchscreens, along with bill acceptors. This means you could build or refurbish a custom cabinet at a fraction of what a single slot machine would cost, with the added benefit of having over 100 games on each machine.

How much bandwidth is necessary for running around 10 computers?

This answer for this question is a little bit tricky. The system requires an internet connection in order to allow the players to place the bets and spin the reels because each game sends a small packet to the gambling server, and the client awaits a response with the result of the game. The packets with requests and responses are small, just a few bytes, therefor the bandwidth itself is not so important as the quality of the internet connection, because if the internet connection has a lot of dropouts or packet losses the reels will just continue to spin with no results.

The good news is that we have operations all around the world and the system is working very well also on low connection (e.g. 1 Mbps for 5-10computers) in rural areas in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola or Nigeria.

The backoffice (administrative) system is accessible via a simple html page, therefore the agent, café owner or cashier can open it via any browser on any device. Regardless it’s a regular computer with any operating system or with tablet (android, apple) or any smart phone. This technology allows the agents and café owners manage their network anywhere in the world with just an internet connection on the phone.

We still strongly recommend a regular desktop computer as a POS terminal in betshops and computer gaming halls as the handling of deposits and withdrawal is much faster.