Purchase request for $5.000


On a purchase of $5000, you will receive a total of $33.333 in credits for resale. This means you are paying 15% of your final profit to us, while you keep the rest of the 85%.

Credits do not expire, and the purchase includes access to all games, updates, upgrades and hotfixes, all immediately. Also included is our communal jackpot, which can be used by the operator to use an external display to show the jackpot amounts.

You will be able to use the downloadable, online, and android versions with unlimited installs. All this is included with the same purchase.

logo-cupAlso included is a complete training of the back office and games software.

What are you waiting for? Submit the form and our sales representative will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours.


Im requesting a purchase for $5.000, where i get the full access to all games and backoffice and i will get credits which would be worth of $33.333 in my local currency.