betshopWe did our homework and some internal research into which betting shops are doing better regarding profits, number of played games and cashbets over other shops. We have been checking and comparing as many factors as possible that can influence players.


Firstly, we found very interesting information in that the cash in (deposits) and number of played games is not really dependent on which part of the world the casino or betting shop is located. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rich city or a poor village. There is relation with the amount of the average bet, where in rich regions it is normal for the bet to be higher, but not really with profit.

Second, the player’s wins must be paid immediately. With other words – the player has to deposit first in order to play, so if he wins and wants to withdraw his money, pay him the money immediately. Do not wait until the next day or later. This is crucial, since players talk to each other. If someone wins big, give him an extra bottle of wine and make an advertisement or announcement about how you are congratulating and cashing him out. Take it as an advantage, it will be returned twice to you. Make a board with hall of fame, the biggest winners or highest wins of the week and keep it up to date.

The environment of the betting shop must be pleasant. It doesn’t mean it should be luxurious but definitely clean, if possible equipped with (red) carpets, good monitors (we are not saying big screens are necessary) and the most important thing is good and comfortable chairs. You don’t want to lose the customer just because he has stand up and take a walk after 30 minutes of sitting on a wooden chair. There should be no windows or the players should not see out of windows and no clocks on walls. You don’t want to show that it is already night (or morning) and you don’t need to show what time it is as well.

Our research also says that betting shops that are using math models with higher payouts (lower hold) earn more money. Paradox? Not really, the players stay longer, have more fun and make higher turnovers, which means better profit.

The most successful betshops use many different incentives. Starting with free buffet and/or free alcohol (mostly beer) continuing with regular drawings during weekends where players can win different smaller or bigger wins and ends with bonuses or cashback bonuses for the players.

A much discussed theme is jackpots. It is clear that if the shop is doing well, then a jackpot can increase profit by about 10%-30%; however it is also necessary to say that if the number of games played is bad, then jackpost will not help and will also cut into the profit.

The casino software must have a wide variety of games (slot games, casino type games, roulettes, pokers, blackjack etc) and must be updated on a regular basis with new games. Players will get bored without fresh content. Take your time and do advertisements for your clients – what’s news and what’s hot. We are always preparing new banners and leaflets for our partners.

Obviously, cashiers, bartenders and casino personnel that are smiling and nice to the players will also contribute at the end of the day to positive results. Motivate them!